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  1. How often should you clean a marquee?

    February 2, 2022 by admin

    How to clean your marquee

    The obvious answer is whenever it needs it so maybe a better question would be how often should you expect to clean a marquee.

    A marquee is far more likely to get dirty when being erected/dismantled rather than when it is actually up. If you’re careful when erecting and especially when dismantling the marquee then you can usually get away with a thorough clean only once or twice a season.

    There are however a few exceptions:

    The dirtiest marquee I have ever had was one that was erected under some trees. When it rained all of the dust and grime was washed off the leaves down on to our lovely marquee. If you’ve got to put a marquee up under trees expect to clean it immediately afterwards.

    Rain-skirts by their very nature will always get muddy in the rain, these should be given a wipe over on pretty much every job.

    Traffic-film – eventually PVC can have a grey layer build up which is especially difficult to remove. It takes a long time for this to happen (a year or two normally) but at this stage it needs a thorough clean using a chemical. The material also needs irritating (gone over with a brush or similar) to get this off. Once thoroughly cleaned the PVC should be as good as new.

    Tree sap is a nightmare to remove.

    There are also some things that will never come out:

    Petrol/Diesel can stain PVC. This will never come out so avoid them at all costs.

    Ingrained mould – this affects many marquees especially those that are stored when still wet. PVC is made of many layers, if a marquee is put away wet or if cheap PVC is used then water can get inside the layers and create mould which will never come out. Incidentally this is one of the reasons we use better quality 500gsm PVC than available elsewhere, it takes far longer for the layers to break down in better quality PVC.

    Some garden chemicals can stain – I was shown a marquee recently that had green stains around the rain skirt which seemed to have come from a chemical added to the lawn. Click here for more marquee hire advice

  2. 4m x 4m Marquees and Party Tents are very useful and flexible

    June 14, 2021 by admin

    It’s true that DIY Marquees has the largest range of marquees for sale, which is ideal as there is a product for everyone. Visiting the website, you will notice the interactive marquee planner tool, which helps you experiment with the different size marquee. With this too you can test what will fit into the area that you have to work with as well as how you can make simple additions to the plan, to increase the size, join more than 1 party tent, or marquee and which accessories are available. The interactive planner is the first page to visit when you are choosing what type of marquee to buy.

    4x4m peaked commercial diy marquee

    When it comes to the type of marquee would be most suitable, it is good to understand the difference in type of marquee and the materials used. Our 4m marquees range come in 2 different types: party tents and marquees. The term party tent is used around the world to describe a marquee, which is better suited for personal or private use. The material used for the party tent is made from a lighter weight material, typically PE (Polyethylene), a tarpaulin like material that comes in 80 to 240 grams per square meter, (the thicker the material the hardier and heavier it is) , or poly/PVC which consists of PVC however coated on just 1 side of the material and is a good alternative to the more expensive PVC marquees. PE for a party tent is perfect as it’s more economic than a heavy-duty marquee, which are really, only meant for use for commercial purposes. PE is 100% waterproof and its significantly lighter weigh means that it is quicker to erect (see our 4 x 4m pop-up gazebo marquee) making this type of marquee ideal for garden parties, as temporary structures and extensions that you can add to an existing structure.

    4x4m premium diy marquee

    DIY Marquees has seven types of 4 x 4m products in this range, 3 of which are suitable for the private user. For those who are interested in investing in a marquee with extra strength and durability, in the same range of 4 x 4m marquees are commercial and professional options made from PVC instead of PE, which means the integrity of the material, offers more strength for frequent use. The 4 x 4 commercial marquee is also available with a peaked-shaped roof that adds some flare to your standard commercial marquee. Both of these styles are however made with 500gsm PVC and come with a galvanized steel framework made from 42mm thick steel. This is an excellent 3 / 4 season option for any commercial user. (Do not forget to add some cross bracing for extreme weather!)

    DIY Marquees is always creating new options from which users can find the ideal option for them. If you have already experimented with the interactive online planner and have questions for the team about how to optimize your layout, feel free to contact us to help you with ideas. Please call our office on 01306 876767.

  3. Robust, all weather Marquees for sale

    September 15, 2020 by admin

    Looking for the perfect marquee option for your party? DIY Marquees have been in the business of providing marquees for long enough to know all the ins and outs of their marquees and are definitely experts in the industry. This is why they are the perfect company to get help from if you don’t know where to begin! Trying to understand what is involved when it comes to putting up a marquee, what additions you could have or what size is most suitable for your event?

    Have a look at DIY Marquees interactive marquee planner for all the answers and guidelines which will help you find the right marquee for you. Start by selecting the size marquee you anticipate requiring and then click the arrows to add buildings, scenery, and furniture. Make the adaptations to the size where necessary and then sit back and enjoy a 360-degree tour of your virtual marquee. Don’t leave anything to chance: use our interactive online planning tool to experiment with the DIY Marquee ranges and see for yourself.

    4x4m diy party tent
    A marquee has a special charm about it when it comes to celebrating events and as a party venue, they provide a lot of capacity for tailor-making the look and feel of your marquee, specially chosen to suit your particular needs. Perhaps there are times of the year when the UK weather doesn’t really favour a marquee as a venue however there are many safety features that ensure that the marquee will stand solid and keep the cold and the rain out. Accessories that may be used in conjunction with a marquee enable you to change things up a little as and how you need to, so as to provide you with your perfect marquee venue. Extras range from safety and functional features to features made to ensure comfort. Not only does DIY Marquee provide marquees with superior safety features, quality materials, and additional security, they also provide the aspects which will make the marquee simply delightful to your guests.

    The 4m x 4m marquees and Party Tents are very useful and flexible. 4m x 4m Marquees can be used to gain a room by attaching to a house or connected to another marquee to cover larger areas. Equipped to enable on-site catering, music facilities, such as a DJ or a band, adaptable to any size and shape that you require, such as a 4m marquee which go up to 4m marquee x 24 meters, allowing complete adaptability with industry-standard up to 42mm framework with covers ranging from 240PE to 650gsm Duracoretex PVC in original designs that many manufacturers try to imitate. Warm up the mood with chandeliers, special carpeting, and marquee heaters which will go a long way to making sure that the party tent meets your specific expectations. Marquee heating options are discussed in greater depth on the informative website.

    Check out the extensive selection of marquee packages for sale suitable for anyone planning a wedding – DIY Marquees are more than happy to tailor packages specifically for your requirements.

  4. Power and heating for commercial marquees

    August 8, 2019 by admin

    4m x 6m Green PVC Marquee

    Marquees, party tents and heavy duty commercial quality marquees available at DIY Marquees. DIY Marquees offers the largest selection of marquees and marquee accessories in the UK. Coupled with years of experience in the marquee industry and an information packed website, fully loaded with pictures, explanations and an online interactive planning tool, as well as just being a phone call away, DIY Marquees is the only marquee contact you will ever need on your mobile phone.

    Depending on the specific event which you are planning, you will have to start your event planning process by choosing the size of your marquee. Selecting a marquee is a long term commitment as you can be sure that the quality of the marquee you are investing in, no matter which range you choose from, will well outlast the competitors. This is because of the strength and quality of the materials which are used in all commercial, party marquees and party tents. Each marquee comes with a long list of benefits and a guarantee that the quality of the marquee you are purchasing is never influenced by the cost of the marquee. Quality is what you are investing in from the on-set and you will be surprised how little quality costs from DIY Marquees.

    Follow the size guides on the DIY Marquees website which prompts you to think about aspects of your marquees that you, perhaps as a newbie to the industry, may not yet be aware that you are looking for. Or if you are a veteran when it comes to marquees and event planning, you will already know that you are in the right place when you logon to the website. A simple click here, click there and choose your ideal structure process makes your decision infinitely easier. With a transparent pricing structure published online, you always know where you stand investment-wise and can make your future choices accordingly without any surprises at the end of your shopping experience, with no surprises in your shopping cart other than what you really need. Add all of the accessories which make your marquee the best place to be. Power your marquee, heat your marquee, add lights, and carpets and a dance floor to entirely transform your marquee for any event.

    From August 12th 2019, Green commercial grade marquees are in stock. Same strong framework as our commercial grade marquees, only in a variety of “odd” sizes, fit for purpose because of the new 1m extension bay and … in green! A delightful adaptive marquee with a personality all of its own which can be custom-designed to suit the needs of the most discerning customers.

    Once you have chosen the best size for you, with the best safety features, its time to compare the capacity inside your marquee for seating as opposed to standing space to best maximise the function of your marquee, for example if you have round tables and 60 seated guests, you will know that your floor space is significantly reduced. Time to use the interactive planner to check out all of your viable options. This helps you to know ahead of your purchase exactly what your capacity is and therefore what function you can accommodate with your DIY marquee.

  5. Premium marquees sized right for your event

    April 10, 2019 by admin

    Image result for diy marquees

    April weather in the UK can be a mixed bag of rising temperatures and left-overs of chillier winter days. Warmer weather sprinkled with the odd temperature drop brings the ambient temperature down to “chiller than normal for this time of year”. This is what the British have generally come to expect and love about this time of year. The sunnier, spring-like weather, alongside the Easter weekend bank holidays, makes April feel like the best month for celebrating outdoors. There’s no better time to enjoy a seasonal event. When it comes to planning your outdoor celebrations, while it is almost entirely impossible to plan the weather for the day, one thing that you do have control over is the type of marquee you will need and the size which will best suit your party-needs.

    The size of your marquee is most certainly the first consideration. With DIY marquee sizing is something that they consider tantamount, alongside the design of the marquee. So important are these aspects as part of the planning of the event that they have added many customer friendly sizing tools to their website so you have all the information that you need before you start. Deciding what size marquee to use is easier than you think. Simply decide as you go with the online interactive planner which lists every possible aspect which you may want to consider. Custom size the marquee and click to add buildings, scenery, furniture and other objects which can be placed or moved with a simple click and drag of the mouse. Experiment with different layouts of your choice or select to start by clicking on the generic list of Examples which are already pre-designed for your ease. View your marquee in with your VR headset or if you prefer old school, visit the very comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions or download the erection instructions for your  3m, 4m , 6m or 9m wide marquee.

    Simply said, there is nothing that DIY Marquees haven’t done to make the process easier for you so that you can have a premium experience for your springtime event. Bearing in mind that Spring time is mixed bag of sunshine, rain, wind and alternating hot and cold weather, the absolute best marquee to use still remains the Premium DIY Marquees which is ideally for customers looking for a more durable marquee which is what would be recommended to counter act the unpredictability of the seasonal weather. Premium DIY Marquees are by far the best value for money due to the strength of the material as well as many more weather-proof features, such as wind-stop sealed panels, this marquee is designed to endure any weather most of the year around. Premium DIY Marquees come is a variety of sizes due to the variety of ways a marquee can be used, boasting a seating capacity of up to 100 people and the ability to accommodate any shape table plus all the extra features you may need.

    Premium DIY Marquees are the best marquees available in the market today.

  6. Need help planning a marquee to buy?

    July 14, 2018 by admin

    When we say DIY Marquees we really mean it! Our marquees are designed with function in mind so that they are really able to be “do it yourself” marquees. Choosing the type of marquee that you need for your event is the first step in planning the event. Depending on the kind of event you are hosting, you will need to ensure that your marquee has all of the relevant and useful aspects which will meet the needs of your perfect event. Beginning the process of choosing the perfect marquee for what you need, you may find that you need some advice to begin with and we are ready to help you with all the aspects of the type of marquee that you need, especially if you are someone who has never used a marquee before. Our marquee ranges have been designed to be strong, durable and easy to set up. So even if you haven’t thought about all the aspects, we have! We will guide you with making your decision based on all the facts!

    Once you have made your decision and are happy that you have the perfect marquee, you will want to know how to go about setting the marquee up on the day. Naturally if you are doing this for the first time then things will be a little confusing but we are here to show that this is nothing to worry about. In fact, our commercial marquee of 6m x 12m will only take 3 people roughly 3 – 4 hours to put up for the first time. And we assure that after setting up your marquee more than once, you will find that it goes even quicker than and that 2 people could probably manage on their own!

    To make things even easier for our first time buyers, we provide and step by step guide along with photographs which you can follow as you go to make sure that you are setting up the marquee correctly in the most time effective way possible. Not only that but we have posted an online video on YouTube where we show you exactly how it is done and if worst comes to worst, we are available telephonically if you find that you are struggling with any aspect of set up. But we find that generally our marquees are so easy to set up that you will not have any problems!

    One thing that we do definitely recommend is that the setting up of the marquee is not left until the day of the event. Not that you need the time to set the marquee up properly, but you will want to allow time for the decorating of your marquee. Sometimes there is flooring that is laid down as well. We recommend that you go ahead and lay the flooring as soon as the marquee is up so that you can move in and out of the marque with ease while you are decorating. Don’t worry about the grass not growing… its only a few days that grass will recover in no time!

    So what we recommend is that you contact our offices and have a talk with our knowledge staff who will put your mind at ease so that you can plan the rest of the event with piece of mind.

    Need help planning your marquee click here for our interactive marquee planner.