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April, 2019

  1. Release emotional debris with Mal Weeraratne

    April 12, 2019 by admin

    Has there ever been a time in your life where you have felt that you have tried everything and yet no matter which way you turn, you are facing life obstacles in every variation possible? Do you feel that despite best efforts, you simply cannot dig your way out of financial debt or find the emotional stability that a balanced life brings? Are you feeling overwhelmed most of the time and frustrated at the way that things are turning out differently to the way that you thought they would, leaving a feeling of despondence, regret, sadness and emptiness in your heart? Life isn’t always easy but there are times where things become just that much more over-whelming than before and it’s sometimes almost impossible for us to understand what to do for the best and how to bring about change in our lives. Mal Weeraratne and his unique approach to Emotional Detox can help you solve this problem.

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    We have all been there. And with the life styles that we chase, the goals which we try to reach which will help us to keep our heads only just above water, there can sometimes be a culmination of events which render us helpless to the forces of our own being. When this happens, when life reaches the bottom of a long down-ward slide, this is often when we stop for a minute, look up to the skies and wonder where to from here? This is the moment in your life which is gifted to you because its only when we are at the very bottom, with no where to look but up, that we have the chance to realise that this is the time to do something different, something that we have never done before. With Mal Weeraratne, this is our opportunity to attain greater awareness of our lives and reach out to do something that we haven’t done before: heal ourselves. Mal Weeraratne understands how the body works and how we can heal ourselves.

    How to we begin to heal ourselves? First it is by knowing that we are the culmination of all the events, experiences and thoughts which we have had in our lives. For every situation, good or bad, we have had a corresponding thought, feeling and emotion about the situation. As live goes by, we hang onto some of these emotions and store them so deep inside ourselves that we battle to find them again when we go looking. Take this time to reach out for help with finding and identifying those hidden emotions in your body because it is these emotions which we store, year after year, which build up inside us which eventually cloud our view of the world to such an extent that we simply can no longer see the joy. Techniques such as Tantric Journey and Emotional Detox with the expert assistance of Mal Weeraratne who developed these techniques, are purpose-orientate to help to release layer upon layer of the emotional debris which we collect inside us. These healing and awakening techniques are what anyone in a state of un-ease, dis-stress and experiencing a severe lack of joy, should be reaching out for. Let Mal Weeraratne’s guidance help you unearth the more fruitful, joyous and capable you. The you that you have been missing all this time.

  2. Affordable probate services from Lodge Brothers Legal Services

    April 11, 2019 by admin

    When a parent, sibling or anyone near and dear to us passes away, a series of events are placed in motion, which can leave the surviving relatives in a state of emotional and financial upheaval. It is surprising how relatively few individuals prepare for the event of their passing. Lodge Brothers Legal Services probate Guildford believe that if anyone were to put themselves in the shoes of those left behind; those who are required to deal with the estates and legal affairs of the deceased; and if they knew what was involved in the probate legal process, as well as the potential liability the family members may face as a result of making a mistake in the probate process… no one would think twice about preparing a Will and allocating an executor for their estate. Lodge Brother probate Ashford assistance is tailor-made to ensure that the process is executed in the smoothest possible way, with the least emotional stress possible for the living relatives.

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    When someone passes away, almost always, the estate must go through the probate process. This means that the majority of people in the UK need to be aware of the fact that their estate will need to endure the probate process. Lodge Brother Legal Service provides assistance throughout the counties of Surrey, Middlesex and Berkshire. Linked to the Legal Brothers family of companies, Legal Services probate Feltham, probate Woking, probate Weybridge and many more locations are able to provide you with their unique service.

    Legal Brothers probate Sunbury is made easier with the assistance of the solicitors from Lodge Brothers Legal Services who will personally meet with you in order to advise you about your estate, how best to prepare your Will and to facilitate you with your estate and probate Shepperton. These legal services will be required by all individuals at the time of their passing as the probate court is the only legal entity which enables your Will to be executed. Even when your Will has been prepared, the process is very seldom an easy one, especially for someone who is not familiar with legal terminology such as “joint-tenancy with rights of survivorship”. Lodge Brother Legal Services assists with all Probate West Byfleet and has the expertise and experience to assist families through this daunting legal process because the truth is that even when a Will has been prepared, there may, and often does, arise complicated aspects which are not quite so clear cut as one may assume, especially for those who are wealthy or if there is a complex family structure.

    Don’t let probate be the last thing that your loved ones have to deal with after your passing. Allow the best opportunity to go through the grieving process while not having to deal with all the legalities of the end of life. Lodge Brothers Legal Services probate Walton offer a free, no obligation quote based on their unique tailor-made options which are designed to offer you the service you require, at the best suitable fee, perfect for your specific, current life circumstances.

  3. Premium marquees sized right for your event

    April 10, 2019 by admin

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    April weather in the UK can be a mixed bag of rising temperatures and left-overs of chillier winter days. Warmer weather sprinkled with the odd temperature drop brings the ambient temperature down to “chiller than normal for this time of year”. This is what the British have generally come to expect and love about this time of year. The sunnier, spring-like weather, alongside the Easter weekend bank holidays, makes April feel like the best month for celebrating outdoors. There’s no better time to enjoy a seasonal event. When it comes to planning your outdoor celebrations, while it is almost entirely impossible to plan the weather for the day, one thing that you do have control over is the type of marquee you will need and the size which will best suit your party-needs.

    The size of your marquee is most certainly the first consideration. With DIY marquee sizing is something that they consider tantamount, alongside the design of the marquee. So important are these aspects as part of the planning of the event that they have added many customer friendly sizing tools to their website so you have all the information that you need before you start. Deciding what size marquee to use is easier than you think. Simply decide as you go with the online interactive planner which lists every possible aspect which you may want to consider. Custom size the marquee and click to add buildings, scenery, furniture and other objects which can be placed or moved with a simple click and drag of the mouse. Experiment with different layouts of your choice or select to start by clicking on the generic list of Examples which are already pre-designed for your ease. View your marquee in with your VR headset or if you prefer old school, visit the very comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions or download the erection instructions for your  3m, 4m , 6m or 9m wide marquee.

    Simply said, there is nothing that DIY Marquees haven’t done to make the process easier for you so that you can have a premium experience for your springtime event. Bearing in mind that Spring time is mixed bag of sunshine, rain, wind and alternating hot and cold weather, the absolute best marquee to use still remains the Premium DIY Marquees which is ideally for customers looking for a more durable marquee which is what would be recommended to counter act the unpredictability of the seasonal weather. Premium DIY Marquees are by far the best value for money due to the strength of the material as well as many more weather-proof features, such as wind-stop sealed panels, this marquee is designed to endure any weather most of the year around. Premium DIY Marquees come is a variety of sizes due to the variety of ways a marquee can be used, boasting a seating capacity of up to 100 people and the ability to accommodate any shape table plus all the extra features you may need.

    Premium DIY Marquees are the best marquees available in the market today.

  4. IT essential are met with Knowall IT Support

    April 9, 2019 by admin

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    Knowall IT Support London knows how to deliver excellent customer service. Customer Service is about making your client happy, it is about ensuring that the needs of the client are met and that the customer is satisfied with the product and the service which they have received. Great customer service is achieved when the service provider is focused and dedicated to the needs of their customer as well as prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve the customers’ needs in a timeous manner, avoiding any issues before they happen, looking ahead and being proactive in their approach and ensuring that problems are solved just as soon as, if not before, they occur. An excellent service provider knows that client satisfaction and relations are the key to business ethics and values and is what is essentially the building blocks to long and mutually beneficially, synergistic business relationships.

    Knowall IT Support Paddington knows and understands that providing exceptional front line support is key to the operational success of their customers and that providing this tantamount to the efficient functioning of every business with IT requirements.  Knowall IT help desk staff are more than just reactive and resourceful in logging calls – they are able to perform 1st line diagnosis which ascertains where the problem lies, the best method of attending to the situation and how long it should take to be resolved, giving the customer a suitable time-related resolution of the issue at hand. Calls are assigned to the relevant technicians who are then able to provide excellent turn-around times for resolutions to issues which have arisen. In the greater London area, Knowall IT is the company most equipped to handle specific IT requirements as and when they arise.

    Knowall IT is highly aware that by the time a call to their help desk is required, our customers are experiencing a situation which is causing distress or concern. Real IT support, as provided by Knowall IT Paddington, is realised when IT providers maintain a proactive approach to their systems and ensure that customer’s potential issues are addressed before they become issues. Meaning that, in the long run, our customers can expect to not need to contact our help desk at all. Instead, customers can expect expedient, effective and proactive service which keeps them always up and running. Choosing to place your business in the hands of Knowall IT London means that you can expect that the most important aspects of your day-to-day business IT essential are met, covered and circumvented before you even know that there was anything to circumvent, leaving you in the best possible position business-wise. 24/7 connectivity is no longer simply a nice to have option for most businesses but rather it is the very essence of their survival in this exponentially, technologically advancing age.

    Choose NOW to let Knowall IT solve all of your IT problems and avoid frustrations, loss of business and wasting time in trying to ascertain why you can no longer do what you normally can do on any given day. Do not loose costly and vital productivity time through IT problems. Contact Knowall IT and it’s a guarantee that you will never look back.

  5. UK’s premier service providers of Industrial Blowers

    April 8, 2019 by admin

    As UK’s premier service providers of Blowers, Industrial Vacuums, Vacuum Pumps, Biogas Compressors, Industrial Portable Vacuum, Pneumatic and Vacuum Conveying and Fabrication products and services to the Industrial, Manufacturing, Utility, Municipal, Road Tanker, and Commercial sectors, Industrial Blower Services Limited has largest repair and service centre for roots type blowers. Managing Director, Graham Matthews, began the company in 1987 and has since inception, worked closely alongside manufacturers and clients alike, to establish the needs of the industry and the best product with which to meet those industry need. As a result of time and attention invested in providing the best solutions available, IBS has accumulated an impressive knowledge bank from which to ensure that the products are right every time, making IBS and the engineers who are employed there experts in this field. IBS Blowers has expanded into a variety of industries as a result of the vast experience of the engineers who are able to service and repair every model available on the market today, as well as those which are no longer available for purchase.

    The service one can expect from IBS includes 2 vital aspects, namely excellent customer service and solutions for all requirements, as well as the capacity of offering a comprehensive range of products from which to choose. Customer Service for IBS engineers and employees is focused on fully understanding their clients business almost as well as they do and then providing them with what they need with efficiency and accuracy. Requirements such as vacuum level, volume of evacuation, evacuation speed, production costs and budget are all factors in making the best choice for your company which is why IBS takes all of these into consideration. Secondly, IBS offers an extensive range of products, some of which they are the sole distributors for, indicating the level of expertise composite within the company supported by IBS’s dedicated expert engineering team.

    In the manufacturing industry in particular, Industrial Vacuums are required for many processing methods and are utilized for various applications. While the technology of the Vacuum pump has not been updated significantly since the inception of the concept, you do need to find the right vacuum for your manufacturing and production requirements. IBS offer a wide range of industrial vacuums, such as industrial Portable Vacuum units, Side Channel blowers and vacuum pumps, of which there is a large range from which to choose, and Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps. High performance FVP 25 Portable Heavy Duty High Performance Industrial Vacuum have the capacity for collecting a vast variation of materials, ranging from super-fine particles up to aggregates of around 50 mm in dimension. These units load at a rate of 3 tons per hour with a range of over 40 meters or more depending on the use of vacuum interceptor skips and fixed pipework systems. Over and above the conveying rate, speed and range, the FVP 25 boasts an energy saving electric motor which is both quiet, runs on a 32A power supply and has a superior quality tri-lobe positive displacement vacuum pump. Versatile and cost-effective the FVP 25 is fully portable by forklift and so suitable for material collection anywhere.

    IBS offers a wide range of simple and effective Industrial Vacuum Services for vacuuming wet and dry spillage or dust utilising portable air conveying systems for cleaning, recycling, collecting waste and split product.

  6. Companion Dates to spend time with

    April 7, 2019 by admin

    Single and wondering what you will do for your bank holidays this April? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to arrange a companion date to help you to really make the best of these days off? There is! Dukes of Daisy are the quick and easy answer to your companion woes. Dukes of Daisy offers the most unique Rent a friend service throughout the UK to ensure that there are no excuses for anyone to be spending their bank holidays alone. If you are you in the mood to try something new and are looking for someone to share your time with, take a minute to check out our website where you can find the perfect companion for any type of event or occasion that you would like to experience. Sporting events, movies, dinner or just a drink down the pub: rent a friend who shares your same interests from hundreds of potential dates available on the website.

    Dukes of Daisy’s rent a friend’s offer companionship only, ensuring that at the end of your time together there is no expectation of more than you bargained for. Knowing that there is a mutual understanding from the onset means that you can take the time to relax and enjoy the time spent without wondering how your date will end. Don’t sit and wonder what is expected from you from the moment you sit down in the movie theater – enjoy the movie. Don’t lose your appetite in fear of being caught in a difficult situation – eat and be merry! Don’t sweat it out more than the football players – sit back and enjoy from the comfort of your seat, with someone who is enjoying the day just as much as you are.

    The Dukes of Daisy companions are carefully selected to ensure that when they sign up to be a male or female escort, they are well aware of the rules of the game, leaving nothing to in the hands of Lady Luck. Are you perhaps thinking that being a companion could be the something that you would enjoy and are you wondering how to become a female escort? Are you keen to spend time with someone who has the same interests as you? Are you excited to enjoy the variety of opportunities available to you? All while making a little extra money? Then start now by registering to become a female escort by completing the easy to complete Sign up as a Companion Escort form, answer a few simple questions about yourself, upload your picture and click submit. There are no sign up charges which means that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Minimum booking times are 2 hours so that you have enough time to get to know your companion and you get to set your own hourly rate. Should you be unsure of how much to charge, the Dukes of Daisy office is there to help you if you are unsure of anything as you start your Rent a companion journey into to more fun, adventure and great times ahead!

  7. Professional and personal Funeral Directors

    April 5, 2019 by admin

    Lodge Home

    As human beings, we often spend time pondering our humanity. We think about how we might pass away some day, wondering if it will be sooner than later, quick or drawn out. And often after thoughts such as these have passed through our minds, we swiftly move on to the more pressing issues we have in our lives. Death is a certainty but when it will happen is not. We always feel as if there is another time to think about it and deal with the specifics. There is enough life admin to sort out in our daily lives keeping us occupied, that we end up dodging the thoughts about the logistics of our passing, to the back of the list of many things to do. Sometimes, when life changes dramatically, like when a new baby joins the family or a divorce occurs, we think about updating our wills (if we even have one prepared) or making plans for our end of life. But more often than not, we put a pin in it and years or decades can pass by before we even wain to think about it again.

    My funeral. What do I want for MY funeral? You may not be sure about where to begin planning this event but Lodge Brothers Funeral Directors does and they are the professionals that you need to facilitate and guide you through the preparation of every aspect of any funeral. Whether you are planning for your own or if you are planning that of a loved one who has recently passed away, you can find all of the help that you need at Lodge Brothers funeral directors London. The fact is that until you have experienced an event such as a funeral, where you have had to make all of the arrangements and consider all of the logistics involved, you simply can never know the full extent of what is involved. Besides arranging for flights and accommodation for family coming in from out of town, preparing eulogies, posting obituaries, booking churches and the like, there are a myriad of other aspects which you will have to deal with. This is where having a professional company who you can trust to assist you with the many things which have to be done, can never be over emphasised. No matter how simple or elaborate, expensive or budget-minded, traditional or modern, Lodge Brothers funeral directors will guide you through every aspect of the service while providing you with the highest levels of service. Both Lodge Brothers and their trust service providers are on hand throughout the whole event.

    Planning your own funeral can save your loved ones a lot of emotional distress. So why not come through and visit one of our dedicated funeral directors London for a the best advise on how to plan and budget for any funeral. Or you can log on to the website and view the interactive funeral guide on how to arrange a funeral, what needs to be done following a death, whether it be expected or unexpected, plus all other aspects regarding the professional funeral services Lodge Brothers offers.