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  1. Sharing your time with someone else makes you healthier

    August 11, 2019 by admin

    Need a date? Social interaction is one of the quintessential aspects of the innate human condition. Science has shown that babies who are not held and given human contact and interaction suffer from a myriad of social, emotional and physical disorders throughout life. Human contact is responsible for the ability of a child to develop through its normal stages of development, to learn and to develop normal human responses and reactions throughout its life. The most important part of an infant’s life is to be held and experience human contact.

    As an adult, life can get to being very busy. The never-ending list of things to do can lead us to be all work and no play. And in extreme cases, adults can even experience such debilitating effects which lead to depression, illness and even heart attacks. On any given day, life can be stressful and busy, leaving us very little time to find the joy which we are innately born to enjoy. Balance is the key to a happy life and social interaction in all of its shapes and forms is the center of that.

    Are you someone who is fearful to step out of your comfort zone and into the lime light? Are you suffering from low self-esteem as the result of all work and no play? Are you ready to start to make a change in your life and change your ways, making your world a better place?

    If this is you, now is your time to make the change which will impact your life for the best. Companionship is simply the best answer and the place to start finding it, is Dukes of Daisy’s non-sexual Female Escorts UK. This service is designed for people who need people. And its simple and easy to make the change from being an island, to enjoying the many benefits of having a varied and successful social life.

    With so many people out there looking for the same things that you are, there is always an opportunity to meet someone new to spend your time with. You are not alone. Many male and female companions have listed themselves on the Dukes of Daisy website for you to introduce yourself to. Whether you love indoor activities, love spending time surrounded by good people and music, or if you are someone who loves to be busy from morning to night in a variety of different way, the best fit companion is ready to make time to be with you and enjoy the same things that you enjoy. It couldn’t be easier than logging on and searching for someone who has the same interests as you do. Reach out and find someone who enjoys what you enjoy, without the stress of meeting expectations anything other than to simply enjoy each other’s company. Humans can be so unique as individuals but one thing that we all have in common is that we like to experience life with another person. Its time to start your Dukes of Daisy journey and start living your life as intended: to the best of our ability.

  2. Companion Dates to spend time with

    April 7, 2019 by admin

    Single and wondering what you will do for your bank holidays this April? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to arrange a companion date to help you to really make the best of these days off? There is! Dukes of Daisy are the quick and easy answer to your companion woes. Dukes of Daisy offers the most unique Rent a friend service throughout the UK to ensure that there are no excuses for anyone to be spending their bank holidays alone. If you are you in the mood to try something new and are looking for someone to share your time with, take a minute to check out our website where you can find the perfect companion for any type of event or occasion that you would like to experience. Sporting events, movies, dinner or just a drink down the pub: rent a friend who shares your same interests from hundreds of potential dates available on the website.

    Dukes of Daisy’s rent a friend’s offer companionship only, ensuring that at the end of your time together there is no expectation of more than you bargained for. Knowing that there is a mutual understanding from the onset means that you can take the time to relax and enjoy the time spent without wondering how your date will end. Don’t sit and wonder what is expected from you from the moment you sit down in the movie theater – enjoy the movie. Don’t lose your appetite in fear of being caught in a difficult situation – eat and be merry! Don’t sweat it out more than the football players – sit back and enjoy from the comfort of your seat, with someone who is enjoying the day just as much as you are.

    The Dukes of Daisy companions are carefully selected to ensure that when they sign up to be a male or female escort, they are well aware of the rules of the game, leaving nothing to in the hands of Lady Luck. Are you perhaps thinking that being a companion could be the something that you would enjoy and are you wondering how to become a female escort? Are you keen to spend time with someone who has the same interests as you? Are you excited to enjoy the variety of opportunities available to you? All while making a little extra money? Then start now by registering to become a female escort by completing the easy to complete Sign up as a Companion Escort form, answer a few simple questions about yourself, upload your picture and click submit. There are no sign up charges which means that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Minimum booking times are 2 hours so that you have enough time to get to know your companion and you get to set your own hourly rate. Should you be unsure of how much to charge, the Dukes of Daisy office is there to help you if you are unsure of anything as you start your Rent a companion journey into to more fun, adventure and great times ahead!