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  1. Prepare for the farewell of your loved one

    August 9, 2019 by admin


    Lodge Brothers Funeral directors are the family that your family can trust and turn to when faced with the daunting and emotionally demanding task of arranging a funeral for your loved one. Lodge Brothers Funeral directors have been in the business for nearly 240 years, in the UK and you can expect the same original quality and level of service, in every aspect of the company’s services. Forward thinking Lodge Brothers can assist you with each and every aspect related to the passing of a loved one, from the moment your need arises, until the moment the coffin lid closes for the final time, you know you are in the hands of the best in the business.

    Arranging a funeral is something that you hopefully do not have to experience too often in your life-time. But when the need arises, what better place to turn than to the family-orientated company which deals with funerals on a daily basis. The importance of the event can never be over-stated as this is the time that you have to process your grief and say your final goodbye. Not matter whether the passing of your loved one was sudden and unexpected, or if the passing was expected and brings a sense of relief, there is always a process of grieving that must be experienced in order to help with letting go and dealing with the loss experienced. Sometimes a funeral was not expected and the beloved may not have prepared sufficiently or at all, for the event. Sometimes there is a Will that has been prepared, but in some cases, the Will may be incorrectly completed, not witnessed or signed, meaning that a legal representative will need to get involved in assisting with the details of the probate.

    Lodge Brothers team of funeral directors are ready to take over at a moment’s notice. In other instances, pre-paid funeral packages where the deceased has the opportunity to fully prepare all of the various details of the passing in much detail, with the assistance of Lodge Brothers funeral packages which are available to suit any pocket. Lodge Brothers’ pre-paid plans take into account the bespoke memorial package “wish list” of the deceased and are executed exactly to plan. This is an important aspect psychologically for many people who have specific desires for how and where they say their final goodbye to their loved ones. So often, people have a very specific vision for the end of days and preparing this ahead of time, on a pre-paid plan, gives them peace of mind knowing that they will have the send-off that they wish for, all the while, making sure that there is very little responsibility or decision-making to be done by their families. Lodge Brothers Funeral directors understand full-well the importance of saying goodbye your way while protecting clients against rising inflation-driven costs, related to having a funeral.

    Modern floral tributes, memorials, and individual keepsake jewellery requests can be made in advance or at the time of the passing, for the convenience of the grieving family. Provide your loved one with the ultimate tribute to their life in a way that shows that their life made a difference in yours.

  2. Professional and personal Funeral Directors

    April 5, 2019 by admin

    Lodge Home

    As human beings, we often spend time pondering our humanity. We think about how we might pass away some day, wondering if it will be sooner than later, quick or drawn out. And often after thoughts such as these have passed through our minds, we swiftly move on to the more pressing issues we have in our lives. Death is a certainty but when it will happen is not. We always feel as if there is another time to think about it and deal with the specifics. There is enough life admin to sort out in our daily lives keeping us occupied, that we end up dodging the thoughts about the logistics of our passing, to the back of the list of many things to do. Sometimes, when life changes dramatically, like when a new baby joins the family or a divorce occurs, we think about updating our wills (if we even have one prepared) or making plans for our end of life. But more often than not, we put a pin in it and years or decades can pass by before we even wain to think about it again.

    My funeral. What do I want for MY funeral? You may not be sure about where to begin planning this event but Lodge Brothers Funeral Directors does and they are the professionals that you need to facilitate and guide you through the preparation of every aspect of any funeral. Whether you are planning for your own or if you are planning that of a loved one who has recently passed away, you can find all of the help that you need at Lodge Brothers funeral directors London. The fact is that until you have experienced an event such as a funeral, where you have had to make all of the arrangements and consider all of the logistics involved, you simply can never know the full extent of what is involved. Besides arranging for flights and accommodation for family coming in from out of town, preparing eulogies, posting obituaries, booking churches and the like, there are a myriad of other aspects which you will have to deal with. This is where having a professional company who you can trust to assist you with the many things which have to be done, can never be over emphasised. No matter how simple or elaborate, expensive or budget-minded, traditional or modern, Lodge Brothers funeral directors will guide you through every aspect of the service while providing you with the highest levels of service. Both Lodge Brothers and their trust service providers are on hand throughout the whole event.

    Planning your own funeral can save your loved ones a lot of emotional distress. So why not come through and visit one of our dedicated funeral directors London for a the best advise on how to plan and budget for any funeral. Or you can log on to the website and view the interactive funeral guide on how to arrange a funeral, what needs to be done following a death, whether it be expected or unexpected, plus all other aspects regarding the professional funeral services Lodge Brothers offers.