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  1. Wonderful and unique gift – handstiched notebook

    December 14, 2012 by admin

    Handstiched Pocket Notebook

    I named this notebook ‘Memory Lane’ firstly because it sounds like an address which went along with the postal theme but also because I felt it could be used to store or share memories.

    Also it reminded me of a childhood song ‘I wrote a letter to my love…’

    It is nostalgic for me as it contains envelopes from Woolworths and brings back memories of shopping on a Saturday afternoon and my first job….

    The airmail ribbon and envelopes conjure up sending love across the miles…

    The cover is a chalky Seaside blue card with many and varied postmarks which will have sentimental meaning to someone, they include:-

    The notebook measures aproximately 17 x 13.5 cms

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