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  1. Release emotional debris with Mal Weeraratne

    April 12, 2019 by admin

    Has there ever been a time in your life where you have felt that you have tried everything and yet no matter which way you turn, you are facing life obstacles in every variation possible? Do you feel that despite best efforts, you simply cannot dig your way out of financial debt or find the emotional stability that a balanced life brings? Are you feeling overwhelmed most of the time and frustrated at the way that things are turning out differently to the way that you thought they would, leaving a feeling of despondence, regret, sadness and emptiness in your heart? Life isn’t always easy but there are times where things become just that much more over-whelming than before and it’s sometimes almost impossible for us to understand what to do for the best and how to bring about change in our lives. Mal Weeraratne and his unique approach to Emotional Detox can help you solve this problem.

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    We have all been there. And with the life styles that we chase, the goals which we try to reach which will help us to keep our heads only just above water, there can sometimes be a culmination of events which render us helpless to the forces of our own being. When this happens, when life reaches the bottom of a long down-ward slide, this is often when we stop for a minute, look up to the skies and wonder where to from here? This is the moment in your life which is gifted to you because its only when we are at the very bottom, with no where to look but up, that we have the chance to realise that this is the time to do something different, something that we have never done before. With Mal Weeraratne, this is our opportunity to attain greater awareness of our lives and reach out to do something that we haven’t done before: heal ourselves. Mal Weeraratne understands how the body works and how we can heal ourselves.

    How to we begin to heal ourselves? First it is by knowing that we are the culmination of all the events, experiences and thoughts which we have had in our lives. For every situation, good or bad, we have had a corresponding thought, feeling and emotion about the situation. As live goes by, we hang onto some of these emotions and store them so deep inside ourselves that we battle to find them again when we go looking. Take this time to reach out for help with finding and identifying those hidden emotions in your body because it is these emotions which we store, year after year, which build up inside us which eventually cloud our view of the world to such an extent that we simply can no longer see the joy. Techniques such as Tantric Journey and Emotional Detox with the expert assistance of Mal Weeraratne who developed these techniques, are purpose-orientate to help to release layer upon layer of the emotional debris which we collect inside us. These healing and awakening techniques are what anyone in a state of un-ease, dis-stress and experiencing a severe lack of joy, should be reaching out for. Let Mal Weeraratne’s guidance help you unearth the more fruitful, joyous and capable you. The you that you have been missing all this time.

  2. Tantric Journey School of Healing and Awakening

    July 19, 2018 by admin

    Mal Weeraratne is the founder of Tantric Journey and a master in the field of human emotional detox. Having studied the field of sexual dysfunction and emotional detox for over twenty years, Mal Weeraratne is a leading name in the understanding of and release of negative, stagnant emotions from the body.

    Not only is Mal Weeraratne a knowledgeable and experienced emotional release practitioner, but Mal Weeraratne is also a dedicated trainer and teacher with Mal being committed to passing on the gift of his knowledge and experience to others.

    Mal Weeraratne has trained hundreds of students at both his London Tantra studio as well as at other highly considered locations including the acclaimed Tao Gardens in Thailand. Mal never tires of researching and teaching emotional release through body therapy and it would be accurate to describe Tantric Journey and emotional release through body therapy as Mal Weeraratne’s life’s work.

    Indeed Mal Weeraratne has treated thousands of men and women from around the globe with his powerful, effective and unique emotional release techniques that are a blend of Tantra, Tao and body therapy modalities.

    For well over two decades Mal Weeraratne has been practising Tantric Journey and with thousands of client and student testimonials praising his work it is not surprising that his central London practice is extremely busy.

    Author of ‘Emotional Detox through Bodywork’, Mal Weeraratne could be accurately described as a Tantra Master. Mal Weeraratne has continued to practice, write, treat, educate and heal with Tantric Journey.

    Mal Weeraratne seamlessly never-ending energy and enthusiasm for his Tantric Journey work is both admirable and commendable. He has dedicated his life to the work of emotional detox and now with hundreds of therapists trained and qualified certified Tantric Journey practitioners it seems certain that his work will continue to thrive and expand.  Mal Weeraratne explains that his plans for next year involve certified courses and another book as his therapy session diary bulges with appointment one wonders where Mal Weeraratne will find the time to launch another successful book title and teach even more courses.