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  1. Industrial Blower Services support many sectors in the UK and US

    July 13, 2018 by admin

    IBS Industrial Blower service has been a preferred supplier through the UK for more than 30 years of business and engages with customers in industries including electrical, engineering, manufacturing and many more.  IBS carries a large range of blowers, pumps and compressors as well as Dry vacuum Homepumps.






    IBS ensures that a collection of fully packaged root blowers, which are prepped and ready for dispatch at any point convenient to our customer’s needs, is at hand. Whether it be as a result of accidental damage, an emergency breakdown, planned repairs, maintenance and upgrades or as a result of short term increased demands for additional air or as a result of testing a new system, IBS has Blower Sets and generators as well as certified contract lifts available for hire to assist with the ready fast delivery.

    Our innovative range of Blower sets boast the following features:

    – Air volume flow rates between 30 and 9,400 m3/hour FAD (oil free)

    – Pressure differentials up to 1.0 bar

    – Variable speed drives

    – Acoustic attenuation

    Instances where it is larger blower sets that you are considering, IBS can supply a fully fitted transport frame which is fitted with an acoustic panel, enclosure drives which come with variable speeds in order to ensure supreme functioning output without surplus or superfluous operational expenditure. Smaller blower sets may be delivered with either the fully fitted transport frame, or they may come as a flatbed set. Both small and large blower sets come completely delivered with electric motor drives as well as air ancillaries and any additional pipework, hoses and fittings which may be required on-site can be provided to clients, with any additional connection points.

    If there is a further constraint for generator units or sets, for instances where the typical power supply is not available or for inaccessible sites where power supply availability is of concern, these can be provided. Generator sets come fully loaded with petrol and load cables for your convenience. IBS also offers both standby and unlimited usage rates for petrol, which are available on request. Clients who are interested in the unlimited usage rates may also enquire about IBS providing this service as a means of preventing or eliminating your need to manage the use and costs of fuel, which is especially advantageous for periods of prolonged use.

    IBS also have a range of rotary vane, side channel and claw type machines for pressure applications with discharge pressures up to 2.0 bar gauge.