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  1. Explore Tantric – Tao bodywork for emotional well-being

    July 10, 2018 by admin

    At Tantric Journey we offer a range of powerful and transformative tantric retreat options for you to choose from. If you are thinking of going on a Tantra retreat then our tantric retreat options will definitely be of interest to you.

    Tantric Journey is highly experienced in offering tantric training and our tantra retreat is designed to offer a transformative experience that will give you great insight into authentic tantra. The Tantric Journey’s tantric retreat will help you to cast off negative emotions and improve all aspects of your life including love, pleasure, communication, sexuality and intimacy.

    By attending a Tantra Retreat you will be taking your relationship with yourself and others to the next level. You will discover how to deepen relationships, harness sexual energy to revitalize your whole body and life. During a Tantra retreat you will be exploring an ultimate path of enlightenment where your innate sexual energy is used and transformed to fuel your body to it highest ability of love and of consciousness. On a Tantric Retreat you will learn how to begin living blissfully and how to achieve your full potential.

    A Tantra Retreat is suitable for men, women and couples. Tantric Journey offers Tantra Retreat options throughout the United Kingdom and Overseas.

    A Tantric Retreat is a journey from the mundane to bliss, from ignorance to understanding, from struggle to peace In a Tantra Retreat you will find that you will undergo an exploring an ultimate path transformation where you will become more alive and you will begin to move along a path of enlightenment.Every Tantric Retreat and Tantra Retreat is an opportunity to find a bliss within yourself where sexual energy is harnessed and bliss, love and consciousness are aligned. A Tantric Retreat gives you methods and techniques that support you in your daily life in being connected with existence in a sensual and sacred way.
    The retreats are facilitated by Mal Weeraratne who shares his 20 years of previous experiences on the path of Tantra and emotional detox through Tantra and Tao bodywork.
    To embark on a Tantric Journey, Tantric Retreat is to accept the key to blissful