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  1. IBS repairs, services and reconditions everything including compressors, road tanker equipment and more…

    September 18, 2020 by admin

    With a deep understanding and knowledge of your industry, IBS not just your best answer for a business partner, but ultimately forms an essential part of your business, as if they were one the same as you. No one product which a company would require, in any industry from the food and beverage industry to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, could not be made available to your business as soon as it was needed and every vacuum and blower, pump and compressor currently used in your company can be repaired by IBS. Being part of the manufacturing industry means that there is zero time for downtime during your week, which is why it is of the utmost importance that these products are available to you.

    This dedicated group of process engineers possesses the knowledge which allows them to assist with all a business’s processing needs, from start to finish. Whether it be performing the initial site survey report, or developing and running a turnkey project until the conclusion, IBS offers it all.

    Services range from and include site surveys, plant reports, design (including PLC and SCADA design and implementation with optional online support) installation, full contract management services, upgrading and automation of existing processes and plants, servicing (single visit or term contract basis) and complete site rewiring services, to the very latest wiring and electrical standards.

    IBS offer complete refurbishment of any existing plant which includes new or reconditioned vacuum pumps, blowers, diverters, and sifters; fault sourcing for servicing purposes or for a complete overhaul; Silo relocation and refurbishment; fluidisation packages including blowers, solenoid valves, fluidising tiles, pipework, and valves as well as full electrical refurbishments. Reconditioned blowers are guaranteed to be in near-new condition. Equipment and parts are obtained from plants that longer require the equipment, or who have upgraded their industrial equipment. IBS then has a license from the original suppliers to refurbish the pieces for re-sale which allows IBS to pass on a considerable saving in terms of cost, especially for new-comers to the industry or for a business who are unable to afford to replace old, worn out blowers and vacuums, with new ones.

    Besides providing a vast range of new industrial equipment, IBS repairs, services and reconditions everything including compressors, road tanker equipment, filers, valves and seals, and pumps. Portable vacuum units are a favourite for repair and reconditioning, for example to the FVP25 portable vacuum unit, as well as other manufacturing machines. A full servicing workover includes the changing filter and seals, changing of vacuum pump oil, checking vacuum relief valves for wear and tear and replacing where necessary, checking of the electrical circuits and its components to identify weaknesses and identify risk caused by constant use, and checking and re-tensioning or replacing of drive belts.

    Trusting IBS with the servicing, repair, and reconditioning of your industrial equipment can save your company by ensuring that equipment is functioning correctly, avoiding unexpected break-downs and loss of production hours which may result in lack of client trust or loss of project and income, and can also save money should the general economy caused you to fall short of your annual financial goals. Look no further than IBS process engineers for 100% of your business’s industrial needs.

  2. Easy to install Hydrive Series Hydraulic Cooler Packs

    August 10, 2019 by admin

    While many experts who work in the manufacturing and other industries, may know and understand the Roots type blowers and their applications, due to the precise nature of these industrial products, not all may be familiar with these blowers. Normally, blowers are required where a vast quantity of air needs to be relocated in a fairly slight pressure differential. Frequently, blowers and vacuums are used for pneumatic conveying systems. Roots blowers aim to deliver a high volume of air through a pipe which then enables the blower to displace solid products from one space to another. Roots type blowers are extremely operational and effectual resulting in a dependable result at a low cost, guaranteed to satisfy any user.

    Industrial Blower Services (IBS) has been in operation in excess of 30 years during which time IBS has become UK’s largest supplier of both new and reconditioned blowers as well as being experts in the field. IBS provides services extensively across the UK to a large base of vastly different clients from those in the manufacturing industry, to those in the mining and petrochemical industries. Many industries, including road tanker, food and beverage, paper and packaging, health, water and pneumatic Conveying require industrial blowers for manufacturing purposes.

    In any field where the industrial manufacturing of blowers take significant time to manufacture IBS are proud to hold the largest stock of new and refurbished stock for hire. Compact and easy to install stainless steel Hydrive Series Hydraulic Cooler PacksFruitland Vacuum pumps and Fruitland RCF250 vacuum pumps are available for collection or drop-off on site. IBS’s team of skilled engineers are on call to provide on-site and technical assistance. The 250LU Fruitland RCF250 vacuum pump series pump is primarily used on trucks servicing light septic and portable toilet applications. IBS are the sole European distributors for the Fruitland Vacuum pump. As manufacturers we can supply all models to meet your specific requirements.

    IBS guarantees Road Tanker Equipment is prepped and ready for dispatch at any point. IBS has Blower Sets and generators as well as certified contract lifts available for hire to assist with the ready fast delivery. IBS also have an extensive range of rotary vane, side channel and claw type machines for pressure applications with release pressures of up to 2.0 bar gauge.

    All of the products supplied are extremely resistant and long-lasting. That being said, even the hardiest industrial products require servicing in order to maintain the reliability of the product. Clockwise or counter-clockwise Road Tanker equipment which does not receive regular servicing may be subject to failure or fault when used at high intensity. IBS assists with repairs, servicing and reconditioning of roots type blowers, vacuum pumps, Rotary seals, filters, sifters and diverter valves, Biogas compressors, portable vacuum units and road tanker equipment. IBS guarantees all industrial vacuums and blower products are of the highest quality and this is what sets IBS apart. Excellent services levels and technical and sales services. IBS is dedicated to supplying the premier quality servicing to sustain their high quality products.

  3. UK’s premier service providers of Industrial Blowers

    April 8, 2019 by admin

    As UK’s premier service providers of Blowers, Industrial Vacuums, Vacuum Pumps, Biogas Compressors, Industrial Portable Vacuum, Pneumatic and Vacuum Conveying and Fabrication products and services to the Industrial, Manufacturing, Utility, Municipal, Road Tanker, and Commercial sectors, Industrial Blower Services Limited has largest repair and service centre for roots type blowers. Managing Director, Graham Matthews, began the company in 1987 and has since inception, worked closely alongside manufacturers and clients alike, to establish the needs of the industry and the best product with which to meet those industry need. As a result of time and attention invested in providing the best solutions available, IBS has accumulated an impressive knowledge bank from which to ensure that the products are right every time, making IBS and the engineers who are employed there experts in this field. IBS Blowers has expanded into a variety of industries as a result of the vast experience of the engineers who are able to service and repair every model available on the market today, as well as those which are no longer available for purchase.

    The service one can expect from IBS includes 2 vital aspects, namely excellent customer service and solutions for all requirements, as well as the capacity of offering a comprehensive range of products from which to choose. Customer Service for IBS engineers and employees is focused on fully understanding their clients business almost as well as they do and then providing them with what they need with efficiency and accuracy. Requirements such as vacuum level, volume of evacuation, evacuation speed, production costs and budget are all factors in making the best choice for your company which is why IBS takes all of these into consideration. Secondly, IBS offers an extensive range of products, some of which they are the sole distributors for, indicating the level of expertise composite within the company supported by IBS’s dedicated expert engineering team.

    In the manufacturing industry in particular, Industrial Vacuums are required for many processing methods and are utilized for various applications. While the technology of the Vacuum pump has not been updated significantly since the inception of the concept, you do need to find the right vacuum for your manufacturing and production requirements. IBS offer a wide range of industrial vacuums, such as industrial Portable Vacuum units, Side Channel blowers and vacuum pumps, of which there is a large range from which to choose, and Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps. High performance FVP 25 Portable Heavy Duty High Performance Industrial Vacuum have the capacity for collecting a vast variation of materials, ranging from super-fine particles up to aggregates of around 50 mm in dimension. These units load at a rate of 3 tons per hour with a range of over 40 meters or more depending on the use of vacuum interceptor skips and fixed pipework systems. Over and above the conveying rate, speed and range, the FVP 25 boasts an energy saving electric motor which is both quiet, runs on a 32A power supply and has a superior quality tri-lobe positive displacement vacuum pump. Versatile and cost-effective the FVP 25 is fully portable by forklift and so suitable for material collection anywhere.

    IBS offers a wide range of simple and effective Industrial Vacuum Services for vacuuming wet and dry spillage or dust utilising portable air conveying systems for cleaning, recycling, collecting waste and split product.

  4. Vacuum Pumps

    April 23, 2012 by admin

    IBS employ dedicated experts in vacuum technologies, applications and systems. We can advise what type of equipment is best suited to provide the solution for a particular application based on key requirements including vacuum level, volume to be evacuated, evacuation time, operating costs and environmental issues.

    Vacuum pumps and systems are widely used in Industrial, Utility, Manufacturing, and Municipal sectors. Typical areas of application include:

    • Sewage treatment
    • Production – Chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, food, pulp, paper, electronics, and textile
    • Power plants
    • Packaging
    • Conveying
    • Printing
    • Medical

    IBS offer a wide range of vacuum pumps either new, reconditioned or service exchange representing all of the popular, tried and tested technologies including liquid ring, rotary vane (oil lubricated and dry running), side channel, roots types (including boosters) and claw. We support all of the main manufacturers including:

    Robuschi, Busch, Becker, Rietschle, Edwards, Leybold, Siemens, Gast, FPZ, Nash, Sihi, Speck and Elmo.