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  1. IT essential are met with Knowall IT Support

    April 9, 2019 by admin

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    Knowall IT Support London knows how to deliver excellent customer service. Customer Service is about making your client happy, it is about ensuring that the needs of the client are met and that the customer is satisfied with the product and the service which they have received. Great customer service is achieved when the service provider is focused and dedicated to the needs of their customer as well as prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve the customers’ needs in a timeous manner, avoiding any issues before they happen, looking ahead and being proactive in their approach and ensuring that problems are solved just as soon as, if not before, they occur. An excellent service provider knows that client satisfaction and relations are the key to business ethics and values and is what is essentially the building blocks to long and mutually beneficially, synergistic business relationships.

    Knowall IT Support Paddington knows and understands that providing exceptional front line support is key to the operational success of their customers and that providing this tantamount to the efficient functioning of every business with IT requirements.  Knowall IT help desk staff are more than just reactive and resourceful in logging calls – they are able to perform 1st line diagnosis which ascertains where the problem lies, the best method of attending to the situation and how long it should take to be resolved, giving the customer a suitable time-related resolution of the issue at hand. Calls are assigned to the relevant technicians who are then able to provide excellent turn-around times for resolutions to issues which have arisen. In the greater London area, Knowall IT is the company most equipped to handle specific IT requirements as and when they arise.

    Knowall IT is highly aware that by the time a call to their help desk is required, our customers are experiencing a situation which is causing distress or concern. Real IT support, as provided by Knowall IT Paddington, is realised when IT providers maintain a proactive approach to their systems and ensure that customer’s potential issues are addressed before they become issues. Meaning that, in the long run, our customers can expect to not need to contact our help desk at all. Instead, customers can expect expedient, effective and proactive service which keeps them always up and running. Choosing to place your business in the hands of Knowall IT London means that you can expect that the most important aspects of your day-to-day business IT essential are met, covered and circumvented before you even know that there was anything to circumvent, leaving you in the best possible position business-wise. 24/7 connectivity is no longer simply a nice to have option for most businesses but rather it is the very essence of their survival in this exponentially, technologically advancing age.

    Choose NOW to let Knowall IT solve all of your IT problems and avoid frustrations, loss of business and wasting time in trying to ascertain why you can no longer do what you normally can do on any given day. Do not loose costly and vital productivity time through IT problems. Contact Knowall IT and it’s a guarantee that you will never look back.

  2. Knowall IT – High-performance, Tailored and Secure Hosted Cloud Services

    July 9, 2018 by admin

    Knowall IT is a Managed Service Provider. Focused on the provision of high-performance, tailored and secure hosted services to UK based organisations with a global reach.

    We are 100% customer focused. We understand all organisations requirements vary and therefore build bespoke tailored environments for each of our clients.

    Known bug with windows 10 and Remote Desktop (RDS) – Remote Apps – Selected Windows do not respond [FIX]

    February 12th, 2018

    [UPDATE 2018/07/02]

    1. Download the EXE fix –
    2. Right click – *RUN as Administrator



    “We have found out that it is a known issue and our internal team is working on it.

    EVENT_SYSTEM_FOREGROUND comes too soon on the server. We end up sending the incorrect z-order to the client because in some scenarios the z-order calculation has not completed before we send it. A race condition exists in RemoteApp when a window is activated resulting in the activated window opening behind the previous foreground window. After the RemoteApp widow is activated, RdpShell.exe checks the server z-order before win32k.sys finishes computing the new z-order. When this condition occurs, Rdpshell.exe sends the wrong z-order instructions to mstsc.exe on the client. This fix introduces timer code to cause RdpShell.exe to wait for win32k.sys to finish computing the z-order before sending the new z-order to the client.

    The fix is likely to get released by March or April.

    I will provide you with the update, as and when if there is any.”

    “I’ve been informed by Microsoft Support that the hotfix currently is scheduled for release at March 21st.”