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  1. Tantric Retreat in Thailand

    July 11, 2018 by admin

    Tantra’ is a Sanskrit word which means ‘woven together’. During a Tantric Journey Tantra Retreat Thailand , mentor Mal Weeararatne attempts to ‘weave’ together different tao and tantra practices in order to connect with the world around us.

    During a Tantric Retreat Thailand, you will learn how to harness sexual energy to revitalize every cell in the body. You will learn on the Tantra Retreat Thailand to be become conscious of the continuity of awareness in everyday life, and that all of life can be sacred when imbued with that intention. Through the teachings you will receive on Tantric Retreat Thailand you will begin to experience bliss in your life and begin to see how there is beauty in even the smallest and most mundane things in life; in short after going on a Tantra Retreat Thailand your life will become orgasmic.

    At a Tantra Retreat Thailand, the Tantric Journey teachings will address the physical, the energetic, emotional, wisdom, and the bliss body by combining a unique blend of emotional detox, tao, tantra and holistic therapy techniques. Students at a Tantra Retreat Thailand will benefit from the vast Tantra knowledge held by Tantra Master and teacher, Mal Weeraratne.

    On a Tantric Retreat Thailand students will explore Tantric spirituality and will come to understand and experience why Tantra is a unique, blissful, life embracing modality. Students on a Tantr Retreat Thailand will learn both the theory and practice required to incorporate sexual energy as part of the spiritual path.

    Escape from being stuck in a cycle of negative emotions and thoughts by learning to cast of nnegativeemotions and re-centre yourself during a Tantric Retreat Thailand. During Tantra Retreat TThailandit is possible to find the life force flow from within yourself and to let go of negative emotions and to begin celebrating life again.
    During a Tantra Retreat Thailand you will learn the ultimate skills to leading blissful life and will be given the training, knowledge and keys that will allow you to start living your life to the full with your life force flowing freely in yourself.